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Sim City Player Runs for Mayor

Joey Lombard is not like any other of the 11 candidates running in the Minneapolis, MN mayoral election. Along with being a member of the never-before-heard-of “Is Awesome” party, Joey is an unemployed, 22 year old, musician, with years of experience with Sim City. Though he admits he’s never managed a real city, he has a good idea of how a city should be run due to his Sims experience. He also claims that his lack of “real-life” experience means he’s unable to become corrupted.

According to an interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Joey got his start in politics thanks to his girlfriend. “My girlfriend was always whining about how I don’t do enough for the world,” said Lombard. “So I said, ‘OK, I’m going to run for mayor of Minneapolis and make everybody love each other.”
The ever ambitious Joey Lombard quit his job at Macy’s (“Not a good idea, in retrospect”) and coughed up the $20 required and joined the Minneapolis Mayoral. Girlfriend still wasn’t happy, according to Lombard, “She thought I was making a mockery of the electoral system.” His parents are growing on the idea and beginning to see their son’s potential.

Lombard has vowed to swear off big political campaign spending and spend no more than $100 for his campaign. He believes his odds are fairly good as well. “I looked at the people running, and they don’t have any more experience than I do,” Lombard said. “I might be able to do some good.”

Was that enough for his girlfriend? “She dumped me,” he said with a sigh. “She said I didn’t care enough about hegemony.”
He may not care enough about hegemony but he sure has an interest in Minnesota! He lists Prince, Soul Asylum, Semisonic and Quietdrive as some of his favorite musicians; Prairie Home Companion, Mighty Ducks, Grumpy Old Men and Fargo as some of his favorite movies; and Mary Tyler Moore and Little House on the Prairie as his favorite TV Shows. Girlfriend doesn’t know what she’s missing with this guy.

According to Joey’s Facebook page “I’m Joey, your soon-to-be mayor-elect, I hope. At the moment I have no position on any issues. Politicians shouldn’t run just to do what they want, they should run to do what you want. Tell me what you want out of your mayor, and I’ll find the most popular opinions and that’s what I’ll be. Sound like a plan?”

November 3rd is election night, if you’re a Minneapolitan remember the name Joey Lombard!