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R2-D2 Humidifier Makes it Hot and Steamy

The winter months can be harsh with dry air and colds running rampant. Our little buddy R2-D2 is here to help, though, in the form of a USB humidifier.

Ideal for the office, the R2-D2 humidifer needs to snuggle up to your computer to get some heat going, as the USB cord is only 2 ft. long. Though he only speaks Japanese, he is very simple to operate. R2-D2 holds about 2 oz. of water (pour it in through his dome top), putting in hot tap water will speed up the heating process of course. Upon plugging in the USB cord, and flipping the On/Off switch at the back of the unit, the heating process will take 10-15 minutes with already hot water, and 20-35 minutes with water that’s room temperature. When the water is hot, steam will begin to waft out his ventilation system on the top of his head.

There is no automatic shut-off on the R2-D2 humidifer, so you must keep an eye on your little guy. He also comes with a warning to not unscrew the dome during misting action, this could damage the heating element.

The R2-D2 humidifer is made up of PVC and is imported by NCSX. The little guy will run you $25.90 + S&H.