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Resident Evil 5 Directors Cut Details

Capcom has revealed details for a Director’s Cut edition of Resident Evil 5. This comes on the heels of news that RE5 will be getting motion play capabilities (Alternate Edition for PS3 next year). Voice actress Patricia Ja Lee previously let the news slip of a Director’s Cut in an interview where she plainly stated “I did a voiceover last week for the director’s cut that’s coming out for Resident Evil 5.”

The new content will involve Chris Redfield’s and Jill Valentine’s assault Ozwell Spencer’s horror-filled castle (an event that took place three years ago), and major plot point for RE5. An additional 2 hours is expected from the new gameplay which will also support both single-player and co-op play.

This new content won’t be available as DLC because it will be much too large to be downloaded, but according to producer Jun Takeuchi, he “would not rule out being able to play the new episode between the two versions [original and re-release].”

The “Alternate” and “Director’s Cut” Editions are due out next spring in Japan and will be compatible with save games from the original release of Resident Evil 5. It will also allow owners of both the original and the re-release to play the regular campaign together through online co-op.

Xbox 360 players are lacking in details as it was only promised that they WILL be getting content sometime. Nothing has been announced as to whether the PC will see the new content.