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Star Trek Online Beams Up 1 Million Accounts

The online MMO that allows players to immerse themself in the Star Trek universe has only been available for two days. It’s popularity has shone like a distant star with Atari’s announcement that the game had 1 million registered accounts!

Star Trek Online is the first MMORPG to take place in the Star Trek Universe. It will also be the first to feature space and ground combat at launch. It will take place in 2409, 30 years after the last movie Next Generation movie(Star Trek Nemesis). Users can be Federation Captains or Klingon Warlords, and will be able to explore iconic locations from Star Trek lore. Everyone will be a ship Captain (not necessarily in title, and role) and have a choice of career paths, such as Engineer, Tactical Officer, Doctor, Science Officer, etc.



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