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Steam Coming to Mac?

Valve has an announcement to make, but they’d rather send out clues instead of actually announce it. This way is proving much more fun. Picture clues were sent out with the message “In anticipation of an upcoming announcement from Valve.” What does it mean?

Steam will (we’re all BUT certain) be making the jump to Mac!

Enthusiast sites received these clues today. Below are the clues gathered and a breakdown of their potential meaning:

Clue #1

Gordon Freeman in Apple-esque colors. Is that an Apple logo on his chestplate?


Clue #2

This TF2 Heavy Gunner is rocking out iPod commercial style.


Clue #3

Fill in the blank? These turrets from TF2 and Portal are familiar with the popular “…and I’m a PC”


Clue #4

Old Apple Style advert with Mac computer and “Steam” and “rest of us” clear.



Left 4 Dead doesn’t like change. Or a multi-colored L4D logo. What could be changing..?

Clue #6

Remember that television commmercial back in the 80’s from Apple? Yeah, it’s like this.




An official announcement from Valve is expected at the GDC 2010 next week.


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