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Test Zombie Survival Skills with Fort Zombie PC Game

Players can live the dream of “what if Zombies existed?” with upcoming Action/RPG PC game “Fort Zombie”. Players test their survival skills against brain-gobbling hordes in make-believe Piety, Indiana. Once they find themselves trapped, they must stay and fight for survival by building a fort for shelter, in order to survive the onslaught of incoming zombies.

After completing a variety of daily tasks to build up character stats and skills, characters must venture out and scour the town for supplies, and also find and train survivors. Players spend the game building their fort in order to survive a final stand-off with the living dead.

Though the graphics of Fort Zombie aren’t going to win any awards, the concept of the gameplay may make the $14.99 price tag worth it when it releases later this fall. Look for screenshots in the HyTek Gallery!