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TF2 Gets New Highlander Game Mode

Team Fortress 2 has gained a new game mode in its latest update. The “Highlander” mode. Apparently inspired by the “Eyelander” sword acquired by the Demoman during the Soldier vs Demoman War, the Highlander mode allows two teams of 9 to square off, with only one person per class.

Remember there is sccheduled downtime on Steam tonight from 6:00 pm PST to 9:00 pm PST!

The entire update includes:

Team Fortress 2

  • Added new Highlander mode
    • 9 players allowed per team
    • Restricts each team to 1 of each class
    • Use mp_highlander (0/1) to toggle off/on: default is 0
  • Added “bots” to the server’s sv_tags convar if the server is running bots
  • Fixed a weapon name localization issue
  • Fixed the “tf_teamtalk” server convar not controlling text chat between living/dead teammates
  • Updated the map CTF_DoubleCross
    • Fixed the map not ending correctly when using mp_timelimit
    • Changed to prevent Engineers from building on top of the shack in each base
  • Updated the map Arena_WatchTower
    • Fixed a case where players could open and get stuck on the starting gates before the round start
    • Improved clipping to prevent people from getting out of the map
    • Optimized the map for better performance


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