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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Main Quest Missions Guide

This guide is for the Main Quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and include location, characters involved, tips, and rewards for completing the quests. The quests are listed in the order they are normally started, or in logical progressions. The choices you make in the game can affect options available to you in different quests.








Quest Suggested LVL Region Characters Enemies Tips Rewards
Kaer Morhen Kaer Morhen Yennefer, Vesemir, Ciri None Tutorial Quest, Yellow choices push conversation on, white choices may allow you to learn more about the person spoken to and can allow different paths and information to be accessed 100XP
Lilac and Gooseberries White Orchard Vesemir, Gaunter O’Dim, Nilfgaardian Captain Ghoul, Deserters, Wolves, Peasants, Drowners After conversing with the Captain the quest objective will change to The Beast of White Orchard which you must complete before finishing Lilac and Gooseberries. 250XP
The Beast of White Orchard 3 White Orchard Nilfgaardian Captain, Tomira, Mislav Wild Dogs, Griffin The cross bow awarded at the end of this mission is the only weapon available to Geralt when swimming in water. Before completing this quest it is thought that no enemies will attack Geralt while in the water so it may be a good idea to take care of as much underwater looting as possible. 1150-1159XP + 150 CROWN, or 1350-1359XP
The Incident at White Orchard 2 White Orchard Nilfgaardian Captain, Tomira, Mislav Bandits Closing quest for White Orchard 300XP
Imperial Audience 2 Vizima Morvran Voorhis, Emhyr var Emreis, Yennefer, Ambassador var Attre Final quest in the Prologue. There are many containers to loot in the castle, many books and some manuscripts and useful alchemy ingredients.


Act I

The Main Quests in Act I can generally be completed in any order.

In Ciri’s Footsteps – Velen

Family Matters

Quest Suggested LVL Region Characters Enemies Tips Rewards
The Nilfgaardian Connection 5 Velen Hendrik Bandit, Rabid Dog Actions with the baron’s men affect how easy it is to gain entry to the Baron’s fort at Crow’s Perch during the main quest, Bloody Baron. None of your actions will make things impossible, but the nicer you are the easier it will be to gain access to the fort. 100XP
Bloody Baron 6 Crow’s Perch Philip Strenger, Sergeant Ardal, Old Peasant, Baron’s Guards Water Hag, Baron’s Guards

Use a Cat potion for better visibility in the cave – there are several containers with good loot so check below water’s surface. One chest is associated with the Scavenger Hunt: Wolven Silver Sword quest.

The entrance to Crow’s Perch is blocked unless you’ve completed The Nilfgaardian Connection quest.

Ciri’s Story: The King of the Wolves 5 Lindenvale Ciri, Gretka, Philip Strenger Wolves, King of the Wolves Gather as many alchemy ingredients you can find – some will be necessary later on in the quest. 100XP
Family Matters 6 Crow’s Perch Philip Strenger, The Pellar Baron’s Men There are many chests and containers to loot inside the castle. To “Investigate all remaining leads in velen and find the baron’s wife” continue the quest through to the Witch, then the Crones, and finish at Whispering Hillock.
Ciri’s Story: The Race 5 Ciri, Philip Strenger
Ciri’s Story: Out of the Shadows 5 Ciri, Philip Strenger Basilisk
Hunting a Witch 5 Midcopse Keira Metz Nekker
Princess in Distress 5 Pellar’s Hut The Pellar, Princess Bear, Wolves
Wandering in the Dark 6 Byways Keira Metz, Nithral, Eredin, Caranthir Drowner, Water Hag, Rats, Wraith, Nirthral, The Wild Hunt Be sure that you are not starting this quest at an earlier level! Save before you start the quest, as it can be quite difficult and there are few health drops.
Ladies of the Wood 6 Crookback Bog Gran, Genny, Yagna, Aynara, Mikula, Travik, Johnny, Weavess, Brewwess, Whispess Drowner, Water Hag, Harpy, Wyvern, Bandit, Werewolf, Wolf
The Whispering Hillock 5 Crossroads The Tree Spirit Bilge Hag, Drowners, Endreaga Sub-quest to Ladies of the Wood questline. The bones are in a grave marked by a grave stone near the shore.
Ciri’s Story: Fleeing the Bog 5 Crookback Bog Ciri Drowners, Hounds of the WIld Hunt Easiest way to complete this quest is to run using Ciri’s special ability in the path direction.

In Ciri’s Footsteps – Novigrad

Quest Suggested LVL Region Characters Enemies Tips Rewards
Pyres of Novigrad 10 Novigrad Captain Menge, Francis Bedlam, Triss Merigold, Kluhg, Brandon Thief, Drowners, Witch Hunter
Novigrad Dreaming 7 Novigrad Rudolf de Jonkheer, Corrine Tilly, Sarah
Broken Flowers 11 Novigrad Zoltan Chivay, Vespula, Elihal, Marabella, Rosa var Attre, Edna var Attre, Barroness la Valette, General Voorhis Vagrant, Bandit, Rosa var Attre, Drowners, Water Hag
Get Junior The side quest “The Gangs of Novigrad” is involved with this Main Story quest and is only available during this quest. After killing Nithral, blast open a room at the opposite end of the laboratory. Once you get the medallion, you can open this area up and swim to areas with chests to loot.
Ciri’s Story: Visiting Junior Novigrad Ciri, Dandelion, Dudu Junior, Whoreson’s Henchmen
Count Reuven’s Treasure Novigrad Sigismund Dijkstra, Bart, Fonce, Happen the Eunuch, Triss Merigold, Yamurlak, Priscilla Drowners, Witch Hunter, Kurt, Commander Caleb Menge At the gate, to maintain cover select the answer “Fine, take her”. If you do not want Triss to be tortured at all, you may opt for a giant fight with the Witch Hunters. Toss the ruse out the window whenever by answering negatively. Fight all the hunters and search Menge’s office at the end to continue.
A Favor for Radovid Oxenfurt Port Redanian Soldiers, King Radovid V This quest starts automatically after Main Quest: Get Junior concludes.
The Play’s the Thing Novigrad Priscilla, Irina Renarde, Nissa, Sofus the Bull, Hal, Abelard Rizza, Maxim Boliere, Dudu Bandit, Fatso, Enraged Townsfolk
A Poet Under Pressure Novigrad Zoltan Chivay, Priscilla, Dandelion Redanian Guards, Drowners, Witch Hunter
Ciri’s Story: Breakneck Speed Novigrad Ciri, Dandelion Redanian Guards, Whoreson’s Men, Bandit Avoid fighting all the guards at the beginning of the quest, instead run away and use the horses Dandelion nabbed. At the end of the road kill guards quickly with the Blink ability.

In Ciri’s Footsteps – Skellige

Quest Suggested LVL Region Characters Enemies Tips Rewards
Destination: Skellige Novigrad Captain Liglad, Captain Wolverstone, Steingrim, Trofast, Yennefer, Ermion, Crach an Craite Pirate, Wolves You’ll need to battle level 16 bandit-type enemies at the start. 
The King is Dead. Long Live the King Skellige Yennefer, Birna Bran, Cerys an Craite, Otrygg, Odalryk, Donar an Hindar, Crach an Craite Bear, Wolves, Earth Elemental
Echoes of the Past Skellige Yennefer, Ermion Foglet
Missing Persons Lofoten Yennefer, Priestess of Freya, Tordar, Morkvarg Wolves
Nameless Freya’s Garden Yennefer, Priestess of Freya, Morkvarg, Craven Wolves, Morkvarg
The Calm Before the Storm Lofoten Skjall, Ciri, Astrid The Wild Hunt

Act II

Uma’s Curse

Quest Suggested LVL Region Characters Enemies Tips Rewards
Ugly Baby Velen Uma, Emhyr var Emreis, Yennefer, Vesemir Complete all prior quests to doing this one.
Disturbance Kaer Morhen Yennefer, Vesemir, Uma
To Bait a Forktail Kaer Morhen Eskel, Scorpion Forktail If you want to defeat the Forktail quickly use Aard Sign magic, Draconid Oil, Grapeshot Bombs and Golden Oriole Potions. 
The Final Trial Kaer Morhen Lambert Harpies, Drowners, Water Hag, Bilge Hag, Foglet, Cyclops, Rock Troll
No Place Like Home Kaer Morhen Yennefer, Vesemir, Uma, Lambert, Eskel, Cyrus Hemmelfart
Va Fail, Elaine Kaer Morhen Yennefer, Vesemir, Uma, Lambert, Eskel
The Isle of Mists Skellige Ivo, Ferenc, Gaspard, Ciri Siren, Harpies, Foglet, Wraith, Bilge Hag, Fiend If you complete the Brothers in Arms side quests before heading to the Isle of Mists, you can gather allies for the upcoming quest – The Battle of Kaer Morhen
The Battle of Kaer Morhen Kaer Morhen Vesemir, Ciri, Yennefer, Triss Merigold, Hjalmar an Craite, Folan, Vigi, Zoltan Chivay, Ermion, Eskel, Vernon Roche, Ves, Letho, Keira Metz The Wild Hunt, Arachas, Imlerith, Caranthir, Eredin Chat with Keira and buy some items she has for sale. Go into the Keep and look for her just before the grand hall. Stock up on potions and bombs. Close the three portals immediately. Cirit’s Blink Ability will let you quickly maneuver to avoid damage. Ciri’s charge attack destroys multiple adversaries. Play the objective! Don’t get sidetracked fighting enemies. Head towards the next objective and focus on completing it. Use bombs and potions when the fight shifts to the Interior Courtyard Battle. When you go to blow up those Mahalaman explosive barrels, ignite these objects with Igni Sign magic. Aard Sign magic proves useful for pushing enemies into traps. 
Blood on the Battlefield Kaer Morhen Hjalmar an Craite, Zoltan Chivay, Ermion, Eskel, Vernon Roche, Ves, Letho, Keira Metz, Ciri, Triss Merigold, Yennefer, Emhyr var Emreis, Morvran Voorhis