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Droid X Announced

The latest and greatest of the DROID line-up was announced today. The DROID X will be available on July 15th for Verizon Wireless customers, joining the original Motorola Droid and the HTC Droid Incredible.

According to CEO of Motorola, Sanjay Jha “The evolution of the Droid to this new level is very exciting for Verizon, ourselves, Google and Adobe. We’re going to deliver an incomparable experience.”

This updated version of the Motorola Droid features a larger screen, better camera, and a tweaked version of Motoblur. Users will have 7 customizable homescreens, and the phone will come pre-installed with Google Maps Navigation app for turn-by-turn directions, and Swype, which allows users to slide their fingers across touchscreen to spell words instead of tapping each letter individually.

The Droid X will use Texas Instruments OMAP 1Ghz processor, will come with 512MB RAM, 8GB internal storage (ships with 16GB microSD card, expandable to 32GB). The 4.3″ touchscreen has a not as impressive as the iPhone 4 resolution at 854×480.

The camera rivals that of the EVO 4G with 8 megapixels, dual LED flash, auto-focus, and also features a mechanical shutter with 1/1000 shutter speed, image stabilization and 16:0 image capture. It will have 720P HD video recording capability with super slow motion and fast motion capture modes, a 3 microphone multi-directional audio recording/directional audio capture. It also comes with an HDMI output and an LED spotlight. It does not have a second, forward-facing camera like the EVO 4G and the iPhone 4.

Like the EVO 4G, the Droid X can act like a Wi-Fi HotSpot for 5 devices (compared to the EVO’s 8) for an extra $20 a month. Unlike the EVO 4G, the Droid X does not run on 4G, and is limited to Verizon’s 3G network.

It will be shipping with Android OS 2.1, but will see an update to newest version 2.2 (Froyo) not long after its release. Flash 10.1 will also be available for the Droid X after its release. 

The battery will offer up to 8 hours of talk time, and 220 hours of stand-by.

Verizon also announced a car dock accessory for the Droid X, something Droid Incredible users seem to be still waiting on. Similar to the one for the Nexus One, it will trigger the Car Home UI (or something comparable from MotoBlur) when plugged in. It is priced at $39.99 and available from Verizon. Another accessory available is a multimedia stand for $9.99 and an HDMI cable for $24.99.

Droid X will run $199.99 for new 2 year contracts. Any Verizon customer who’s contract is up in 2010 will also be able to upgrade early to the Droid X.

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