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Two Batman DLC Packs Coming, None are Pre-Order Bonuses

Reports of new Batman Arkham Asylum DLC surfaced last week, but nobody knew what they would entail. SCEE’s Mike Kebby let the cat out of the bag on the Playstation Blog and announced there would be two DLC coming in the next two weeks titled “Insane Night” and “Prey in the Darkness”.

“Insane Night” will be multi-platform and released on September 17th, with “Prey in the Darkness” available on September 24. This dispels rumors that the DLC would be pre-order bonuses “Dem Bones” and “Crime Alley”, but little is still known what these free DLC will offer. Rumor has it that they may be additional challenge maps. (Update: The first DLC is confirmed free, the second has an unknown price tag)