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Video Gaming Gets Hot with SexBox

Silicon Xtal has filed a trademark for an adult-only video game console, SexBox. SexBox is a registered name for use with a “video gaming console comprised of computer hardware with unique controls which plays Adult Only rated (AO) video game software titles.” The trademark description also explains the device may be used as a gateway to other adult entertainment and massive multiplayer online games.

The company behind the SexBox also claims that they worked on hardware for Microsoft Xbox 360.

Current retail consoles Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 do not allow adult only content and stores do not carry adult only titles. ESRB AO rated games can usually only be found online.

The adult entertainment industry in America rakes in about $13 billion a year in the United States alone. Most of which is credited to DVD, pay-per-view, and streaming videos.

Many links to the Silicon Xtal website are currently down, but more details will be posted as they are revealed.