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Halo 3 ODST Sells 2 Million On First Day

Halo 3 ODST has sold 2 million copies in its first 24 hours. Early this week preorders for the game stood at 1.35 million in the Americas (which was lower than Halo 3’s 1.95 million), and first day sales totaled to 1.5 million in the

Shadow Complex Cheaters Will Do Hard Time

The controversial Shadow Complex was released on Xbox Live in August, and sanctions have already been decided for those who cheat. Players verified as having cheated will be removed from leaderboards (though there is no word on what a “verified cheater” entails). These players will

Fable 3 Announced, Fable Episodic Next Month

Microsoft announced the coming of Fable 3 during their conference at Gamescom this morning, where Peter Molyneux left people with the cryptic statement, “I think there’s something fundamentally wrong with RPGs like Fable… It’s a mechanic that’s been there since the eighties. I’m going to

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Microsoft Pulls Xbox 360 Price Drop Announcement

Sources indicate that Microsoft has pulled their Xbox 360 price drop announcement for Gamescom 2009. The plan was to announce a price drop of the Elite unit to replace the Pro unit.. It seems that they have decided to delay the announcement in order to

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Microsoft Announces 360 Price Drop!

It’s official! Microsoft has now announced a price drop for its Xbox 360. The 120GB Elite model will drop $100 to a $299 price tag (but will no longer ship with an HDMI cable), matching that of rival Sony Playstation 3. The 60GB Pro model

Price Drop for Xbox 360?

A new price drop rumor has hit the streets running. Supposedly the 360 has a price drop in store as Microsoft may aim to erase the Pro line and drop the price of the Elite system (from $399 to $299). Kotaku received photos from GameStop