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HyTek News Quickies (12/29/09)

All right, all right. Alice took Christmas off from HyTek Gamer. I know you guys missed me. So here are a few Quicky headlines from over Christmas. Dragon Age Gets New DLC, Steam Runs out of ‘Prey’, 8-Story Arcade in Japan is Dark and Dirty, Xbox Thief Gets Caught On Xbox Live


Dragon Age: Origins Gets ‘Return to Ostagar’ DLC Next Week

Dragon Age: Origins will see another DLC next week, the ‘Return to Ostagar’ and will allow players to “reclaim secrets lost on the battlefield” at Ostagar. The DLC will be available for PC and Xbox 360 on January 5th, and sometime later for the PS3. Cost will run 400 Microsoft points, 400 BioWare points, or $4.99.


Digital Distribution Giant Steam Runs Out of Digital Game, Prey

Endless supply with digital distribution right? Wrong. During Steam’s holiday sale, shoppers looking to purchase the game Prey were in for a surprise when a “Sold Out” sign appeared. According to the sign, Steam ran out of keys, but to make up for it, they put Bioshock in the sale until they could come up with more.


Eight-story Arcade in Japan Has ‘Alley’ Theme

Japan has an eight-story, 18+ arcade named Anata no Warehouse (“Your Warehouse”) decorated in dark, dank, “backstreets of China” decor. It looks as if it would fit right in with a Silent Hill storyline.


Xbox Thief Gets Caught on Xbox Live

22 year-old Bronx resident Jeremiah Gilliam must’ve thought he was pretty smart after raiding 200 cars and several homes and stealing video games, GPS, laptops and other expensive items. That was until he logged onto an Xbox 360 he stole using the owner’s Xbox Live ID. The owner, saw his ID log on to Xbox Live through a friend’s account. The boy called his parents, who called the cops, who traced the IP address to Jeremiah Gilliam’s grandmothers house where they found “dozens of video games, laptops, and GPS devices”, and Jeremiah Gilliam himself who now faces Grand Larceny charges.