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Mortal Online Release Delayed a Month

The most recent Mortal Online newsletter revealed that the release date for this sandbox MMORPG will be delayed a month, pushing it back to January 2010. The decision was made in order to polish all of the core features of the game for its release.

Fior those who pre-ordered, boxed editions of the game will be sent out after Christmas, but Limited Edition boxed sets will be delayed until the end of January due to production issues with the included artbook. Those will purchased the Limited Edition will be given an extra week of free gameplay as compensation for the wait.

A patch being issued will also have to wait until next week. According to the newsletter the patch will include:

Server and netcode performance will be increased significantly.
Elements such as combat, speed and damage will betweaked and balanced more.
The real skill system will be added into the game.
You will also have a new city, more landmass and a Jungle to explore. We will also patch in the improved AI along with new creatures and all of you crafters our there will be happy to hear that the crafting system along with advanced extration and refining will be implemented.
We will also add a lot more weapon types to build from.

Mortal Online is a niche, first person, player controlled, “sandbox” MMORPG, for mature audiences on PC, inspired by Ultima Online. Mortal Online features a free world with minimum rules where players can choose their own paths and destinies. If you’re interested in a game with all PVP, no levels, no experience points, no quests, no 3rd person view, no global chat, no minimap, no instances and no dragons that drop swords.