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My Little Pony Gets an Upgrade

Remember the days when your G.I. Joes would take on your sister’s My Little Ponies and they wouldn’t stand a chance? Not going to happen anymore. You can now own these delightful variations of My Little Ponies courtesy of artist Mari Kasurinen.

Combining her love of pop culture (and apparently, My Little Ponies) Finnish artist Mari Kasurinen sculpts these delightful Little Ponies and sells them directly from her website. It appears most are one of a kind creations, but that’s not for certain. There is no pricing listed but viewers are encouraged to email Mari with any questions and for additional information.

These are sure to elicit many squeals from any geeky girl come the Holiday Season.


Check out Mari’s website to see more designs including Michael Jackson, Alien, He-Man, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and many many more.