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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Guide to Secondary Quests

This page is a finding aid which lists all secondary quests (not including contracts or scavenger hunts) as depicted in the Quest Menu in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt first by region, and then by location in which they are started but can be sorted alphabetically for searching. Each quest will only appear in the location where it starts, even if the quest persists through more than one location. Quests that are not in bold are not mandatory and have no bearing on any ending. In most circumstances you are able to leave and resume secondary quests at any time. To see a quest walkthrough, click on the quest name. Quest names in bold are critical path quests or in some way associated with the main quests.

For a list of main quests, see The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Main Quest Missions Guide.

For a list of contract quests, see The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Guide to Contracts.




White Orchard

Region Quest Lvl Enemies Walkthrough Rewards
White Orchard

On Death’s Bed


Brew a dose of Swallow

The recipe calls for 1x Dwarven Spirit, 1x Drowner Brain, and 5x Celandine. The dwarven spirit can be purchased from the tavern keeper in White Orchard or crafted it if you don’t want to pay for it. The drowner brain can be looted from the drops of drowners you kill. Search along the river coast for drowners, especially between White Orchard and the Nilfgaardian Garrison or near the ransacked village. The celandine grows in many of the fields surrounding White Orchard, especially between the village center and the herbalist’s house. Once you have the alchemy ingredients simply craft the potion in the alchemy section of your character management menu. Take the potion to the herbalist

350 XP + 50 Crown + 2x Venom Extract + 3x Manuscript Pages
White Orchard

Missing in Action

2 3x Ghoul

Find Dune Vildenvert

If Geralt discovered this quest via the notice on the notice board in White Orchard he will first have to find the person who wrote the request for help. Dune Vildenvert, the man requesting aid searching for his lost brother can be found muttering to his dog sitting outside a destroyed hut in the ransacked village marked on the map of White Orchard. When Geralt speaks to him he explains the search he’s undertaken to find his lost brother Bastien and offers to reward Geralt if you aid him.

Search Temerian shields

The area marked on the map will indicate where to begin your search, Geralt will have to defeat a few necrophage ghouls prowling the area before beginning his search. Use witcher senses to help located the Temerian shields if necessary, although they are rather easy to spot and their blue color makes them stand out. After inspecting the burned corpse of a fallen soldier Hussar will pick up the scent of Dune’s brother, Bastien.

Follow the dog’s trail

Just head for the dog or use witcher senses to follow the dog’s trail of prints to an abandoned cabin. As Geralt approaches the cabin a cut-scene occurs. Geralt finds Bastien badly wounded sitting and talking with a Nilfgaardian Soldier, Rhosyn, also wounded. Bastien explains how the they helped each other reach this cabin after being wounded and demands that Dune help both him and Rhosyn return home. Dune is skeptical about taking in a deserting Nilgaardian soldier which leaves the decision of Rhosyn’s fate for you to decide. If you believe it is too risky for Dune and his family to harbor a deserter, Rosyn will die in the cabin. If you convince Dune to help Rosyn because Rosyn helped save Bastien then he can be found later living with Dune and his family south of White Orchard village.

20-25 XP + 25 Crown
White Orchard

Precious Cargo

4 Drowner, 4x Bandit

Find where the cart left the road

Approach the merchant and inquire about his troubles to find that he tells a story of how his cart and merchant goods have become stuck in a monster infested area of the bog. He requests that Geralt help him retrieve his lost merchandise specifically a small box that was on the cart. The first step is to find where the cart left the road just a few steps away from the merchant himself. Use witcher senses to identify and then examine the cart tracks that lead off into the swamp.

Find the cart

Simply follow the tracks that lead off the road straight ahead to find the missing cart. Prepare to fight a few Drowners and examine the cart to find that it is riddled with arrows.

Look for evidence of the attack

Examine the area around the cart to reveal more clues about the apparent attack on the cart and its occupants that Geralt’s merchant contact conveniently left out:

  • Examine the horse to see that it was shot by an arrow
  • Examine the body of one of the cart’s occupants to find he was shot square in the neck

Find the small box
Located near the cart it’s easy enough to find using witcher senses. Loot the locked strongbox to find it is splattered with human blood.

Note: Feel free to gather any items you can from the trail of supplies scattered around the cart’s path and it’s wreckage.

Return the box

Head back to the merchant’s camp and speak with him. Geralt may choose to end the quest at this point by handing over the box to receive 20 Crown and 25XP but the potential for a different reward exists if he sees through the lies.

Chase down the merchant

After a poor attempt to distract Geralt the lying bandit attempts to escape on horseback. Geralt must ride after him and attempt to knock him off his horse with either sword, crossbow or bombs. He’s not incredibly hard to catch if Geralt makes his horse gallup and takes shortcuts. If Geralt manage to knock him off his horse before he reaches the Temerian Insurgent camp he will not have to contend with additional fighting.

Defeat the bandits

If he reaches the camp first Geralt will have to fight three bandits in addition to the liar Geralt was chasing in order to be victorious. Once Geralt knocked him off his horse or defeated the bandits in the camp the lying merchant/bandit will reveal his true identity. He is John Geermer, a private in a disbanded Temerian unit that has been part of a group conducting raids on Nilfgaardian supplies. Each conclusion at this point rewards 10XP plus the following depending on what Geralt chooses:

  • Turn Geermer over to the Nilfgaardians. Reward: 30 Crown
  • Let Geermer keep the box and his life. Reward: 30 Crown
  • Let Geermer escape with his life, but keep the box of supplies. Reward: 50 Crown + 5x Celandine & 4x White Myrtle
  • Note: Do not let the bandit get too far away or you will fail the quest, the man has fled!

8-25 XP + 20-50 Crown
White Orchard

A Frying Pan, Spick and Span

Break into the hut

Obviously the hut is locked, otherwise the woman would have just gone in and gotten her own damn frying pan right? Break down the locked door using your telekinetic blast sign, AARD.

Look around inside

In the first room you’ll find a couple of containers with some loot. In the second room you’ll find a corpse, explains the stench the old woman complained of. Finding the corpse will trigger a new objective to find out what happened. To complete the quest you only need to find the pan and give it to the old woman. If you want to learn more details about the murder you may search for all the clues in the hut listed below:

  • Cracked silver monocle
  • Corpse, throat slit with old scars like a soldier might have
  • Frying Pan, scrubbed clean of soot
  • Burned documents in the stove fireplace, some still legible

Return the frying pan

When you’re done snooping around inside the hut just head outside and give the frying pan over to it’s owner. This completes the quest.

8-10 XP + Baked Apples, Bread & Apple Juice
White Orchard

Twisted Firestarter

4 3x Drowner

Use your Witcher Senses

Go behind the house and use your Witcher senses to find the tracks.

Follow the trail

Follow the trail use your Witcher Senses. The trail will eventually lead down to the river. Go under the bridge and you’ll find that the arsonist ran into a Drowner, was wounded, and the trail picks back up again. Four Drowners might attack you. Follow the trail into a house.

Look for someone with wounds

Find the drunk culprit (Napp) hiding in a back room.

Talk to the suspect

Napp will offer a bribe for Geralt to drop the whole thing. If Geralt refuses the bribe, he can either use Axii (extra XPs) or brawl with Napp. In either case, Napp staggers down to the blacksmith.

Escort the arsonist

The blacksmith will call over some soldiers, who will take Napp away, presumably for a summary hanging. The quest will complete, Geralt will receive 20 Crowns, the offer of the blacksmith’s services, a discount on the blacksmith’s goods and a total of 92 XPs if Axii was used to convince Nap. Geralt will get somewhat fewer XPs if he had to beat Napp into submission.

If Geralt accepts the bribe, Geralt will receive 20 gold and a total of 67 XPs. Upon reporting failure to the blacksmith, the smith will offer his services, but will charge Geralt full price for his goods and services. Oddly, the smith’s later conversation options match with Napp being turned in, even if he wasn’t.

60-115 XP + 20 Crowns
White Orchard

Faithful Friend

Catch the runaway horse

Faithful Friend is a side quest that is only accessible during the Epilogue of the Main Quest: Something Ends, Something Begins

Velen (No Man’s Land)

Region Quest Lvl Enemies Walkthrough Rewards
Crow’s Perch Ciri’s Room 5 Family Matters
Crow’s Perch Deadly Crossing*
Crow’s Perch Defender of the Faith 10
Crow’s Perch Face Me if You Dare!*
Crow’s Perch Forefathers’ Eve 7 A Princess in Distress
Crow’s Perch Highway Robbery*
Crow’s Perch Last Rites 9 Bloody Baron
Crow’s Perch Looters*
Crow’s Perch Master Armorers 24
Crow’s Perch Contract: Components for an Armorer Witch Hunt
Crow’s Perch Wild at Heart 7
Mudplough Harassing a Troll*
Greyrocks At the Mercy of Strangers* Drowner Bandit
Bitter Harvest 9 Thou Shalt Not Pass
Caravan Attack*
Death By Fire
Fake Papers Bitter Harvest
Funeral Pyres 3 Ghoul
Man’s Best Friend* Wild dog
Thou Shalt Not Pass 7
The Volunteer 13
The Descent The Fall of the House of Reardon 6 Ghosts of the Past
Ghosts of the Past 6 The Battle of Kaer Morhen
Hazardous Goods
Witcher Wannabe
The Truth is in the Stars
The Blood Ties 12
Spitfire Bluff An Invitation from Keira Metz 6 A Towerful of Mice
A Towerful of Mice 6 An Invitation from Keira Metz
A Favor for a Friend 6 A Towerful of Mice
Lynch Mob
Love’s Cruel Snares?
The Mire A Dog’s Life
The Mire For the Advancement of Learning 8 A Favor for a Friend
The Mire Highwayman’s Cache*
The Mire A Greedy God 7
The Mire Magic Lamp 6 An Invitation from Keira Metz
Crookback Bog Return to Crookback Bog 9 Ladies of the Wood


Region Quest Lvl Enemies Walkthrough Rewards
Grassy Knoll The Dwarven Document Dilemma 2
Grassy Knoll Following the Thread 11
Grassy Knoll Karmic Justice*
Grassy Knoll Novigrad, Closed City A Matter of Life and Death
Grassy Knoll Witch Hunter Raids*
Glory Lane Cabaret Carnal Sins
Glory Lane Carnal Sins Cabaret
Glory Lane A Dangerous Game The Soldier Statuette
Glory Lane A Feast for Crows
Glory Lane A Final Kindness The Great Escape
Glory Lane The Flame of Hatred*
Glory Lane The Gangs of Novigrad Get Junior
Glory Lane Honor Among Theives Get Junior
Glory Lane Message from an Old Friend
Glory Lane Of Swords and Dumplings 24
Glory Lane Racists of Novigrad*
Glory Lane Suspicious Shakedown*
Glory Lane It Takes Three to Tango Final Preparations
Silverton Black Pearl
Silverton A Deadly Plot Redania’s Most Wanted
Silverton Drunken Rabble*
Silverton Hey, You Wanna Look at My Stuff?
Silverton Strumpet in Distress*
Silverton Out on Your Arse!
Silverton Reason of State Redania’s Most Wanted
Silverton A Walk on the Waterfront
Silverton Warehouse of Woe
The Bits Of Dairy and Darkness
The Bits Fencing Lessons
The Bits Hidden Messages of the Nilfgaardian Kind
The Bits A Matter of Life and Death Now or Never
The Bits Never Trust Children*
The Bits Now or Never A Favor for Radovid
The Bits The Nobleman Statuette
The Bits The Soldier Statuette A Dangerous Game
The Bits A Tome Entombed
Gustfields A Barnful of Trouble
Gustfields Empty Coop
Gustfields An Eye for an Eye Redania’s Most Wanted
Gustfields Little Red
Gustfields Novigrad Hospitality
Gustfields Spooked Mare
Gustfields Strangers in the Night*
Gustfields A Warm Welcome*
Oxenfurt The Price of Passage*
Oxenfurt The Most Truest of Basilisks*
Oxenfurt Redania’s Most Wanted Reason of State
Oxenfurt Rough Neighborhood


Region Quest Lvl Enemies Walkthrough Rewards
Ard Skellig Abandoned Sawmill
Ard Skellig Armed Assault
Ard Skellig A Bard’s Beloved
Ard Skellig Brave Fools Die Young
Ard Skellig Call of the Wild*
Ard Skellig Coronation Brother in Arms: Skellige
Ard Skellig Crime and Punishment
Ard Skellig The Family Blade
Ard Skellig Farting Trolls*
Ard Skellig Finders Keepers
Ard Skellig From a Land Far, Far Away
Ard Skellig A Hallowed Horn
Ard Skellig Hard Times
Ard Skellig In the Heart of the Woods
Ard Skellig King’s Gambit Coronation
Ard Skellig Nithing
Ard Skellig Peace Disturbed
Ard Skellig The Sad Story of the Grossbart Brothers
Ard Skellig Shock Therapy Destination: Skellige
Ard Skellig Siren’s Call*
Ard Skellig Stranger in a Strange Land The Cave of Dreams
Ard Skellig The Cave of Dreams Stranger in a Strange Land
Ard Skellig Taken as a Lass
Ard Skellig An Unpaid Debt
Ard Skellig Woe is Me*
Ard Skellig Worthy of Trust
Ard Skellig Yustianna Distrubed*
Hindarsfjall For Fame and Glory
Hindarsfjall In Wolf’s Clothing Nameless
Hindarsfjall The Last Wish Nameless
Undvik The Lord of Undvik King’s Gambit
Spikeroog Master of the Arena Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions
Spikeroog Possession King’s Gambit
An Skellig Free Spirit
An Skellig The Path of Warriors
An Skellig The Tower Outta Nowheres
Faroe Isle Flesh for Sale
Faroe Isle The Four Faces of Hemdall*
Faroe Isle Iron Maiden
Faroe Isle The Price of Honor

Kaer Morhen

Unless otherwise stated, the Kaer Morhen quests are accessible at any time prior to Act II: The Battle of Kaer Morhen, or afterwards. An optimal time to complete these quests is during Main Quest: Ugly Baby.

Region Quest Lvl Enemies Walkthrough Rewards
Kaer Morhen Bastion
Kaer Morhen Berengar’s Blade
Kaer Morhen Greenhouse Effect
Kaer Morhen Monster Slayer
Kaer Morhen Trail of Echoes*
Kaer Morhen The Witchers’ Forge


* – Indicates the quest name does not appear in your Quest menu