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Nintendo Confirms New 3DS with 3D Gaming

Nintendo has officially announced the next model in their lineup of portable gaming systems: the Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS will allow players to play games in 3D without the use of glasses and will be backwards compatible with DS and DSi games. Rumor has it

Netflix Contemplating Jump to Nintendo DS

Netflix is on a roll lately, securing its streaming service on the Playstation 3, and upcoming service for the Nintendo Wii, on top of its availability on the Xbox 360 and Internet TV’s. What could possibly be next for Netflix now that they’ve conquered every

Netflix Streaming Coming to Wii This Spring

Netflix Instant Streaming is coming for the Wii this Spring. Netflix subscribers will be receiving instant streaming discs similar to what was released for the PS3 last year. The discs are required because of an exclusivity agreement for the Xbox 360 (integrated streaming services won’t

Wii Gets Pink and Blue Remotes on the Day of Love

Valentine’s Day 2010 will be a special day. The pink and blue Wii remotes will finally make their journey to North America. What could be a more romantic gift than his and hers Wii remotes? These colorful new additions to the Wii family will come

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Wii’s Come With $50 Gift Card at Wal-mart Next Week

Nintendo just dropped the price of the Wii, but it seems the holiday spirit is abound and Wal-mart will be offering a $50 gift card on Wii purchases next week. The $50 gift certificate offer will be good from Saturday, December 5th through Saturday, December

Nintendo Will Reveal Wii Vitality Sensor at E3 2010

The new Wii Vitality Sensor was vaguely introduced at E3 2009. The device attaches to the Wiimote and clips onto a players finger to read their pulse, for unknown reasons. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said that Nintendo plans on expanding on the device

Nintendo Confirms DSi XL for North America, Europe

After announcing the Nintendo DSi LL for Japan this morning, Nintendo confirmed that the European Nintendo DSi XL will be available for North America at the same time. Japan will be seeing their new DSi LL in November, but North America and Europe will have

Japan to Get New Nintendo DSi LL, Europe Gets DSi XL

Nintendo updated their official Japanese website to announce that Japan would be seeing a new Nintendo DSi in November. The newest of Nintendo’s handheld systems has been dubbed the Nintendo DSi LL, and will feature a larger screen and longer battery life. Available on November

Europe Gets Black Wii System in November

Nintendo UK will be releasing a black Wii system on November 6th. The limited edition bundle will include the black console, remote, nunchuk and MotionPlus adapters, as well as copies of Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. Nintendo will also be releasing Classic Controller Pro

Nintendo Worlds Best Company 2009

BusinessWeek named Nintendo as the world’s best company, beating out giants such as Apple and Google. Nintendo earned its honors from compiled information by management consulting firm, A.T. Kearney, based on traits such as commitment to innovation, diversified portfolios, aggressive expansion, strong leadership, and a