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Court Rules No More D&D For Inmate

Kevin Singer had been a devoted Dungeons & Dragons player ever since he was kid. When the now 33 year-old was handed down a life sentence for first-degree murder, he turned to his D&D books to pass the time. Singer started playing regularly with other

A2M, 505 Introduce Naughty Bear

A2M and 505 Productions would like you to meet someone. Naughty Bear is tired of being blamed for everything that goes wrong on the Island of Perfection. The poor bear snaps when he isn’t invited to the Big Birthday Party, and arms himself with torturous

Get Ready to Get WET September 15

Wet’s title is a reference to “wetwork” which is a euphemism for murder or assassination. Rubi Malone is a gun-toting, sword-slashing, whiskey-drinking heroine of A2M’s (Artificial Mind and Movement, tyvm) up coming action game. Dropped by Blizzard in 2008 and picked up by Bethesda Software,