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DICE Takes on MW2 with Battlefield Bad Company 2 DLC

Yesterday, Infinity Ward got a jump on press releases announcing the cure to “Mapathy” would be coming on March 30th in the form of Modern Warfare 2 DLC. DICE is taking on that statement with an announcement that DLC for Battlefield Bad Company 2 would

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Dante’s Inferno Gets Co-Op With ‘St. Lucia’ DLC

Some early adopters of Dante’s Inferno had a surprise in store for them in the form of a DLC trailer. “The Trials of St. Lucia” trailer revealed upcoming DLC, a new character, the angelic St. Lucia of Syracuse mentioned in the “Divine Comedy”,  online co-operative

EA Closing Multiplayer Servers for Old Sports Titles

Many older EA (mostly sports) titles will have their multiplayer servers shutdown as early as next month, according to a press release earlier. The server closures will affect 20 games in the EA lineup. Owners will still be able to play the games up until

PS3 To Get Dante’s Inferno Divine Edition

February’s release of Dante’s Inferno will bring goodies to those who buy it for PS3. The PS3 version, dubbed the Divine Edition, will retail for the same $60 as the Xbox 360 version, but will come with a boatload of free stuff. The “Divine Edition”

EA Joins Facebook World With Spore Islands

Facebook users can now play EA’s first Facebook game, Spore Island. Players familiar with the Spore franchise, will experience it in a new way on Facebook by competing against each other. Players will choose their own island to live on, create creatures and evolve them,

Dragon Age Character Creator Preceding Game Release

Bioware announced that the PC character creator utility will precede the games release with an October 13 availability. This 320mb application will allow users to customize and create their character ahead of time, and load them into the game upon its November 3rd release. The

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Battlefield Heroes To Get First Class Update this Fall

Battlefield Heroes, which entered open beta earlier this year, will be getting its first class update sometime this fall. The update will be for the gunner who will get three abilities modified.   Changes will include: Gunner explosive keg will also slow enemies Gunners will