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Dante’s Inferno Gets Co-Op With ‘St. Lucia’ DLC

Some early adopters of Dante’s Inferno had a surprise in store for them in the form of a DLC trailer. “The Trials of St. Lucia” trailer revealed upcoming DLC, a new character, the angelic St. Lucia of Syracuse mentioned in the “Divine Comedy”,  online co-operative play and player created trials, dropping April 29th. No pricing was listed, which is prompting hopes that this add-on will be free.

Dante’s Inferno itself will be released on February 9th (U.S.). It’s a singleplayer (for now), third-person action/adventure game based loosely on the poem, Inferno, the first part in Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy. Gameplay has been likened to that of God of War. Players play as protaganist Dante, as he navigates through the Nine Circles of Hell to rescue his beloved.

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