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Sony’s Paid PlayStation Plus Subscription Coming June 29

At E3 last week, Sony announced the new PlayStation Plus subscription service for PS3 owners. The service will run on top of the continued free PlayStation Network, and will provide additional content and goodies for those who subscribe. For a $49.99 yearly subscription, Playstation Plus

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Playstation 3 Service Restored

Service has been restored to Playstation 3’s worldwide. Issues began to arise Sunday as the older generation PS3’s (PS3 Slims weren’t affected) internal clocks assumed that 2010 was a leap year. Errors were abundant and people worldwide were locked out of online play, and some

Pre-2009 PS3’s Locked Down Globally

Sony Playstation 3’s worldwide have been locked down, rendering them unable to connect to the Playstation Network, making them lose all online capabilities. Reports state that an error code “8001050F” with a message that it cannot load trophies pops up during the load process. Some

Trophies Revealed for PS3’s MAG

Sony has revealed trophies for upcoming massive action, first person shooter, multiplayer game, MAG. Thirty-eight trophies will be available when MAG hits the shelves on January 26th for the PS3. Bronze Angel of Mercy – 25 enemies killed in their in incapacitated state over a

Sony Announces Firmware Update, Facebook Integration

Sony announced a firmware update 3.10 for the Playstation 3 that would include Facebook integration. By linking Playstation Networks accounts with Facebook, users will have the option of letting their PS3 update their Facebook news feed with trophy and Playstation Store activity. Additionally, developers will

Netflix Instant Watch Coming to PS3, Support HD Streaming

Netflix officially announced a partnership with Sony to bring its “watch instantly” service to the Playstation 3. The service is expected to begin next month and will come at no extra cost to existing Netflix customers. “The PlayStation 3 system has always been about more

Lead Zombies in PSP Mini, Zombie Tycoon

Zombie games have been a big thing as of late, but most focus on defeating a horde of zombies instead of leading a horde of zombies. The tables turn with new PSP Mini, Zombie Tycoon. Players will lead a horde of hilarious zombies on a