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Steam Coming to Mac?

Valve has an announcement to make, but they’d rather send out clues instead of actually announce it. This way is proving much more fun. Picture clues were sent out with the message “In anticipation of an upcoming announcement from Valve.” What does it mean? Steam

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TF2 Gets New Highlander Game Mode

Team Fortress 2 has gained a new game mode in its latest update. The “Highlander” mode. Apparently inspired by the “Eyelander” sword acquired by the Demoman during the Soldier vs Demoman War, the Highlander mode allows two teams of 9 to square off, with only

TF2 ‘War’ Coming to an End

Team Fortress 2’s ‘War’ is coming to an end. ‘War’ is a an upcoming update to the game which is granted to the soldier and demoman, with one of the two classes getting a special weapon based on the highest number of kills of the

Alienware PCs Will Come Pre-Loaded With Steam, Portal

A deal between Valve and Dell will pre-load Alienware systems with Steam and the game Portal. The Alienware Area-51, Aurora Desktops, as well as the new M15x and M17x will come with the software. Portal runs for about $20 retail, but it’s still a nice