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New Games on Demand for Xbox This Month

Microsoft is releasing a handful of games for the Games on Demand service including a special deal on Battlefield 1943 for 800 MS ($10) points. Other releases include: Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week: Feb. 15: Battlefield 1943, 800 Microsoft Points ($10) Xbox LIVE Games

Microsoft Permabanning Borderlands, Forza 3 Pirates

Bad news if you’ve been rocking Borderlands or Forza 3 on Xbox Live. These games haven’t been released yet, and Microsoft is going to permanently ban anyone caught pirating these games. “You know, when you play a pre-release title on LIVE when I know you

Grand Theft Auto 4 Joins Xbox 360 Games on Demand

Grand Theft Auto IV is now available for download through Xbox 360’s Live Marketplace Games on Demand service. Xbox 360 owners with net-connected boxes can download the 7GB game for $29.99. For the same $30 price tag users can purchase the game from retailers, and

Netflix Might Be Available On PS3, Wii, Eventually

Netflix account holders can currently take advantage of an exclusive deal between Xbox and Netflix to stream movies through their Xbox 360 console. That may change in the future. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told Reuters, “Eventually we want to be on all the game consoles,

Shadow Complex Cheaters Will Do Hard Time

The controversial Shadow Complex was released on Xbox Live in August, and sanctions have already been decided for those who cheat. Players verified as having cheated will be removed from leaderboards (though there is no word on what a “verified cheater” entails). These players will

Doom II Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

id Software classic Doom II will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Shown today on the floor of QuakeCon 2009, an official announcement is expected later today. No pricing or release date have been announced. Check back for updates!