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Games of 2010 – March Edition

A little behind of the Games of 2010, but there’s still a couple months until March, right? Plenty of time for more push-backs and cancellations. March is packed full of goodies including Battlefield: BC2, Final Fantasy XIII, RE5: Gold Edition, God of War III, and

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HyTek News Quickies (12/29/09)

All right, all right. Alice took Christmas off from HyTek Gamer. I know you guys missed me. So here are a few Quicky headlines from over Christmas. Dragon Age Gets New DLC, Steam Runs out of ‘Prey’, 8-Story Arcade in Japan is Dark and Dirty,

Dragon Age: Origins Heading to Mac

Gore, violence, and over 80 hours of intense RPG experience will be coming to Mac computers next week in the form of Dragon Age: Origins. Dragon Age: Origins is currently available for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, and will be available on December 21st thanks

Dragon Age: Origins Pre-Order Bonuses By Retailer

If you haven’t pre-ordered Dragon Age: Origins yet, and not sure which retailer to pre-order from, these exclusive items may help you to make up your mind. According to some research by Joystiq, most retailers (except Amazon) are offering the Memory Ring in-game item, which

Dragon Age Origins Release Day DLC Priced

Players who don’t buy Dragon Age: Origins new will still have a shot at getting the DLC released with the game. BioWare announced that ‘Warden’s Keep’ and ‘Stone Prisoner’ will be available to people who buy the game used for $7 and $15. Wardens Keep

Dragon Age Character Creator Preceding Game Release

Bioware announced that the PC character creator utility will precede the games release with an October 13 availability. This 320mb application will allow users to customize and create their character ahead of time, and load them into the game upon its November 3rd release. The

Dragon Age Origins Will Release with Free DLC

Dragon Age: Origins may still be delayed (with the PS3 version will be released even later) but it’s hard to be too disappointed about a couple weeks when you will get so much more. Bioware announced today that Dragon Age Origins will be packed with