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Hulu Premium Service Coming to PS3 in July

Hulu’s Plus Service will be launching on the PS3 and a myriad of other devices over the next year including the iPad, Xbox 360, iPhone 4 and 3GS, and Blu-ray players and TV’s. Hulu’s Plus Service will run $9.99 a month and will be available

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Playstation 3 Service Restored

Service has been restored to Playstation 3’s worldwide. Issues began to arise Sunday as the older generation PS3’s (PS3 Slims weren’t affected) internal clocks assumed that 2010 was a leap year. Errors were abundant and people worldwide were locked out of online play, and some

Pre-2009 PS3’s Locked Down Globally

Sony Playstation 3’s worldwide have been locked down, rendering them unable to connect to the Playstation Network, making them lose all online capabilities. Reports state that an error code “8001050F” with a message that it cannot load trophies pops up during the load process. Some

God of War III Won’t Require Install

According to a Twitter post from Sony Santa Monica’s director of technology Christer Ericson, God of War III will not come with an install option. God of War III has been developed to stream off of the system’s cache.The series has boasted basically no load

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God of War III Release Date Announced

God of War III finally has a release date. This Sony Playstation 3 exclusive will ship on March 16th coming in a standard edition for $59.99 and an Ultimate Edition that will set you back $99.99. Visit our Video section to see the God of

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Get a Dose of Heavy Rain in Free, “Four Days” Webgame

Sony released a browser-based webgame for Heavy Rain yesterday, titled “Four Days”. Four Days is “a live online mystery that plays out in real time across three weeks, drawing you into the mystery and lore of the Heavy Rain universe.” There will be daily tasks

Trophies Revealed for PS3’s MAG

Sony has revealed trophies for upcoming massive action, first person shooter, multiplayer game, MAG. Thirty-eight trophies will be available when MAG hits the shelves on January 26th for the PS3. Bronze Angel of Mercy – 25 enemies killed in their in incapacitated state over a

PS3 To Get Dante’s Inferno Divine Edition

February’s release of Dante’s Inferno will bring goodies to those who buy it for PS3. The PS3 version, dubbed the Divine Edition, will retail for the same $60 as the Xbox 360 version, but will come with a boatload of free stuff. The “Divine Edition”

More PS3’s to Enlist in Air Force Research

The Air Force is about to recruit 2200 more Playstation 3’s. That’s right, MORE. The United States Air Force purchased 336 of the Sony PS3’s in May of 2008 in order to conduct a technology assessment of certain cell processors. The cell processors used in