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Call of Duty Heroes 1.9 Update for Android, iOS & Windows

What’s New Call of Duty Heroes 1.9.0 New Hero: Gideon New Killstreaks: Exo-Cloak and Sentry Turret Introducing Supply Drops with random rewards Added an Inventory to store your rewards Leagues now includes battle bonuses Various PvP and Alliance Improvements Various bug fixes and optimizations About

Android Market Sees Extreme App Growth in March

“There’s an app for that” is becoming more and more true for the Android Market as it’s seen growth by 9,300 apps in March alone. The Android Market hit the 20,000 apps milestone at the beginning of 2010, doubling its growth in three months since

Google Android’s Next Stop – Your Living Room

Google’s Android operating system is spreading rapidly in the mobile phone world, and apparently is ready to make the jump into your television. Literally. It has been revealed that Google is working with Sony, Intel, and Logitech on creating a new Bravia TV with an

Samsung OLED Laptop with 14 Inch Transparent Display

Samsung uneviled a laptop at CES 2010 with a 14 inch transparent OLED display; while fascinating to look at, a transparent display serves no useful purpose in a laptop today.  Outside of the laptop world transparent displays could make their way into a number of

Moto Cliq and Droid Getting Android 2.1

Two of Motorola’s finest Android phones will be getting an upgrade to the fresh Android 2.1. The Cliq currently runs on one of the oldest Android versions in new phones, 1.5 (Cupcake) whereas Verizon’s Motorola Droid runs on Android 2.0 (Eclair). It was also announced

Motorola Cliq Review

The Motorola Cliq is one of the latest in the ever-growing Android family; a T-Mobile exclusive. I’m here to tell you my Motorola Cliq experience. Some geek specs Processor Qualcomm MSM7201A Processor Clock Speed 528 MHz RAM 256 MB Flash ROM 512 MB User Storage

Block Samurai LITE, A Little Light on the Action

Block Samurai Lite is a sliding block puzzle game where you need to slide ninja blocks out of the way to get the Samurai out of the gate. According the game description “A noble samurai must make his way through a legion of dastardly ninja.

gStrings Tuner App is No Strings Attached

If you’re looking for an instrument tuner that’s easy to use and goes everywhere with you: check out the free app, gStrings. Its description is as follows: “gStrings is a chromatic tuner application for android. It will let you tune any musical instrument, such as

Google Nexus One Android Phone

The Google Nexus One is the first Google branded (HTC manufactured) phone. This unlocked “iPhone Killer” is currently available for purchase through Google for $529, or through T-Mobile for $179 with new 2-year contracts. It is expected to be available for the Verizon network (CDMA