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Gladiator, Braveheart and Forrest Gump Coming to Blu-ray

Fans rejoice everywhere! Gladiator is finally being released on  Blu-ray disc. Available on September 1st, this Paramount Sapphire series will also be giving us Braveheart and Forrest Gump (on November 3rd).


This Academy Award winner from 2000 features Russell Crowe as Maximus Decimus Meridius. Betrayed by his Roman counterparts and his family slaughterd, Maximus finds himself battling for life and a chance for revenge as a slave gladiator. This is the movie for love, loss, jealousy, betrayal, politics, insanity, and of course, wicked fight scenes. Gladiator took home 5 Oscars including Best Picture and Best Actor (Russell Crowe).


Another Academy Award winner from 1995, Braveheart stars Mel Gibson as Scottish man, William Wallace. Wallace leads a band of 13th Century Scots to overthrow England’s tyrannical rule. Braveheart was also the winner of 5 oscars including Best Picture and Best Director.


Forrest Gump

This critically acclaimed film from 1994 features Tom Hanks as slow, dimwitted, Forrest Gump. The film follows his life and all of the unique and interesting situations that Forrest Gump finds himself in. The film also documents his growing love for his childhoold friend, Jenny. The film picked up multiple Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Actor (Tom Hanks) and Best Director.