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TF2 to Get Classless Update

Team Fortress 2 will be getting its first “Classless” update. This is the first announced update since its last in May, and there will not be any new additions to any of the classes (though two classes were updated in May).

Day 1 of the reveal of the update announced the addition of 18 new hats including an educational history of hats. Featured hats include the Tyrant’s Helm for Soldiers, Backbiter’s Billycock for Spy, and the Brigade Helmet for Pryos. Also announced in the reveal is a new arena called Offblast.

Per the website: “Arena Offblast is a fast-paced, high-altitude community map set in a top secret missile silo wedged into the top of a hollowed-out mountain. Open-air paths and narrow hallways converge on a central control point located just under the silo’s blast doors.

This mountaintop arena also boasts a sheer cliff face encircling the battleground, giving you the chance to help your opponents improve their tactics. Specifically, anyone you blast over the side will get some time to think about the various flaws in their “standing next to the edge of a cliff” strategy as they plummet to an excruciating, non-respawnable death.”

There are also several hidden pages in the announcement with some additional funnies.