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WoW Pandaren Gets Its Own Limited Edition Action Figure

The Pandaren has come a long way since its appearance as an April Fool’s Day joke in Warcraft III. The Pandaren Monk is available for purchase at the Blizzard store to be your little buddy in the game, and is now an exclusive action figure!

The limited edition, Pandaren Brewster action figure is available for $49.99 at the Blizzard Store.

“The first pandaren collectible ever!  Capturing the elusive (and world-celebrated) Chen Stormstout for the first time in 3D, the Pandaren Brewmaster Deluxe Action Figure is a limited edition, one-of-a-kind Blizzard online store exclusive!  This premium-sculpted piece stands at a colossal 8”, features Chen’s signature bamboo Bo staff and Brewmaster’s keg and comes packaged in a 4-color, spot UV collectors window box. “

If you still want in on the Pandaren action but don’t want to fork out $50, the Pandaren pet is available for $10.