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Australian EB Games Says No to PSPgo

The Dutch aren’t the only ones saying “no thanks” to the PSP Go. EB Games in Australia is also politely declining to sell it in their stores. Calls to stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra by Kotaku staff revealed that none of the EB Games stores will be stocking the PSP Go. Visits to the EB Games Australia website show the PSP Go as discontinued.

It appears the decision was made by EB Games management due to a combination of the console’s high price-point combined with the fact the retailer won’t be recouping any money from software sales.

EB Games is Australia’s largest specialty game retailer, even though their biggest competitors GAME and JB Hi-Fi will be stocking it, EB’s “Hell No, PSP Go” will definitely put a dent in the PSP Go sales and image.